Science Quiz

Science Quiz Science Quiz was organized on 23-Sep-2023 at RV Dental College Auditorium. It was a thrilling showcase of intellectual prowess and scientific knowledge. Teams, comprised of enthusiastic students from various disciplines, engaged in a battle of wits, tackling questions spanning physics, chemistry, biology, computers, Electronics and general Knowledge. The competition not only tested participants' […]

Science Exhibit

Science Exhibit Our college science exhibition is an annual event that showcases the creativity and scientific knowledge of our students. It provides a platform for students to display a wide range of projects, experiments, and models related to various scientific disciplines. Science exhibition was organized on 14-Sep-2023. The exhibition encourages hands-on learning, allowing visitors to […]

Shloka Recitation

Shloka Recitation Sanskrit Mahothsav and Shloka Recitation was organized on 12-Sep-2023 by Dr. Krishnacharya , Head of Department of Sanskrit, Prof. Dr. Sunil KS from Jain College was chief guest and Mrs. Vasantha lakshmi BR, Principal SSMRV PU College presided over the event. The event aimed to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Sanskrit, […]

Lecture Series

Lecture Series The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology organized a lecture series on 01-Sep- 2023, which proved to be both enlightening and thought-provoking. The series featured distinguished speakers from various fields, offering valuable insights and expertise to an eager audience of students and faculty. Each lecture covered diverse topics, ranging from the latest advancements […]

Code War

Code War Code War 2023, is the highly anticipated annual coding competition at our college, set to captivate the minds of budding programmers and tech enthusiasts. Organized by the Department of Computer Science on 01-Sep-2023, this event aims to foster a spirit of healthy competition, encourage innovation, and showcase the exceptional coding talents within our […]

Pick N Speak

Pick N Speak The Pick and Speak competition organized by the Economic department on 31-Aug-2023, was a riveting display of oratory prowess and quick thinking. Participants, chosen randomly, had to speak eloquently on a given topic within a limited time frame. The event not only tested public speaking skills but also the ability to articulate […]

Product Launch

Product Launch Product launch competition organized by Dept. of Commerce on 18-Aug-2023 was a thrilling showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Students from various commerce disciplines passionately presented their creative ideas, ranging from tech gadgets to sustainable solutions. The event not only encouraged students to think critically about market needs but also provided a platform […]

Amateur Management Hunt @PES College

Amateur Management Hunt @PES College Amateur Management hunt was conducted for Commerce students @PES College and our young entrepreneurs with great zeal and enthusiasm participated and won prizes in various categories 1. Shafia Kubra secured I Place in CRISISCATALYST 2.Ammar Siamwala & Amruth Nanda secured I Place in IMPACT COMMENTATOR 3.Tanvi Sateesh secured I Place […]

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations The spirit of Diwali illuminated the campus on 10-Nov-2023, bringing together students, teaching and Non-teaching staff Members in a joyous celebration of lights, culture, and unity. All faculty members let Dia’s to invoke the blessing of the lord. Lighting a Dia’s is deeply embedded in cultural symbolism. Light represents knowledge, wisdom, and the […]

Ganesha-puja Ganesha Puja was celebrated in our college on 27-Sep-2023. It was a joyous and vibrant event where students came together to pay homage to Lord Ganesha. It involved setting up an intricately crafted idol of Ganesha in a beautifully decorated pandal within the college premises. Students offered prayers and sang devotional songs. The celebration […]